Frequently Asked Questions

A typical Travertine install (depending on size of course) takes anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. Our crew is experienced installers and has the ability to work within the confines of your specific customization requirements.

Travertine installs are based on total square footage as well as the Travertine and coping chosen. Your choice of thinset and mudset install changes price as well.

We can install Travertine using sanding or  mudset. If mudset is chosen, it needs to be grouted to stop water from seeping between tiles. Often, mudset is chosen to secure baby gates (which require braces for the partitions to be drilled into the tile).

Depending on the amount of standing water, Travertine can be slick. It is more coarse than tile, and similar in slick-ness to smooth concrete. Some Travertine is slippery than others (but all are natural stone and therefore relatively coarse).

Yes, we can seal Travertine after the install. Sealing also brings out the natural color and variation of the stone.

Yes, there are two types of drains that can be installed. The first would be an overlay, which would sit atop the old drain. If you don’t have any drainage issues, the overlay would be sufficient. The second option would be a two-inch drain (which would be twice the size). We can install and set this in mortar.

If Travertine is sealed, it does not stain. Travertine in its natural state is a stone and therefore would be very resistant to staining and common pool-area spills.

There are several distinct varieties of stone. These are split into pattern types. One is more ornate pattern (typically of Italian origin) and the other is more of a muted/subtle pattern (typically of Turkish origin).

Yes, we install coping as part of our Travertine install. We offer both a 4-inch lip coping (typically called a remodel coping). The other coping we can install sits atop the existing coping or concrete, which is typically called a bullnose coping.

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