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Travertine installation takes the average Sarasota pool deck and transforms it to a focal point of the entire home. Adding an aura of customization as well as substantive elegance beyond that of typical concrete slabs or pavers.

Typically formed underground below hot springs or at the mouth of caves, the natural process that forms Travertine stones lends itself to beautiful designs and color variation ranging from cream to tan. The stones are both rustic and timeless and add beauty to any pool deck or patio.


Travertine Versus Standard Pavers or Concrete

Travertine Increases Home Values

Increase Home Value

Travertine pool areas set your home apart from neighbors and similar houses that use more standard, less aesthetically pleasing pool surroundings.Learn More »
Color options for Travertine

Color Options

Although Travertine is natural stone, there are a variety of color tones and options to choose from. We have samples and can explain these during the consultation.Learn More »
Pool Area

Customized to Your Pool Design

We cut and fit Travertine to your specifications. This allows a perfectly succinct application customized to your pool shape and backyard layout. We offer coping varieties as well to add an extra elegance.Learn More »
No Concrete needed

Say Goodbye to Concrete

We’ve all seen tired and worn concrete surrounding pool areas. Variations in concrete can grow mold and mildew and cause ‘dark spots’ throughout the pool area. Do away with the upkeep of concrete as well. No more staining or worrying about rust or hard water stains around your pool.Learn More »


Take a look at some of the custom work we’ve done to transform pool decks.

We’ve been fortunate enough to provide Sarasota homeowners with an affordable option to transforming there pool deck by installing Travertine. Click the images to view some of our installations.

Have Questions About Installing Travertine?

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